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Bandcamp Scrobbler is a Music Discovery Tool Built on Bandcamp and…

Bandcamp Scrobbler provides new ways for discovering new music. Tapping into Bandcamp's catalog of streamable music and's extensive database of listening habits, Bandcamp Scrobbler lets you stream albums in their entirety, points you to similar albums, and for those of you who connect to their accounts shows personalized recommendations, scrobbles your listens, and submits your "loved tracks."

provides musicians a web store through which to sell music directly to their fans. Fans can stream albums in their entirety before purchasing or downloading albums in an variety of available formats, for free or at a price set by the artist.

Bandcamp hosts an impressive roster of independent musicians, marking a shift in the record industry away from labels.
collects listening statistics from its users which are then used to generate everything from personal recommendations and listening charts to similar artist recommendations and everything in between. also offers a pay-subscription streaming internet radio service powered by its recommendation engine.
is the act of submitting listening data to

Typically plugins are available to enable scrobbling from desktop applications (such as iTunes, WinAMP, Foobar2000, etc.)

Many websites with music streaming features (such as this one, HypeMachine, Gogoyoko, and others) also scrobble.
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