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...Was Right All Along by Allison Weiss

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About ...Was Right All Along

Allison Weiss Was Right All Along is the sixth release, third studio record, and first full-length album from Athens GA-based singer/songwriter Allison Weiss. Her songs sound like your saddest memories sung to the tune of your happiest. They’re catchy, relateable, and filled with an unavoidable message of hopeless hope. Known for her “quirky charm”, sharp pop sensibilities, and avid online following, 22-year-old Weiss spent her summer raising money via to fund the entire project through donations from her dedicated fans. A true DIY artist, Weiss does her best to harness the power of the internet to shamelessly self-promote, because who else is gonna do it? She’s also a graphic designer, has directed her own music videos, built this website, and wrote this third person bio. The secret is out! There’s no turning back now!


©2009 Allison Weiss. All Rights Reserved. All songs written by Allison Weiss. Produced by Allison Weiss with Nate Nelson & AJ Weiss. Recorded in summer 2009 at Cortright Recordings in Athens, GA. Engineered by Nate Nelson. Piano, mellotron, and "I Was An Island" recorded at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA. Mixed and mastered by Dan Romer for Drawing Number One Productions in Brooklyn, NY. ( Art direction, design, and photos of airplanes by Allison Weiss. Photos of Allison by Shervin Lainez ( Allison Weiss (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, rhodes, percussion, piano, wurlitzer, synth, mellotron, melodica) AJ Weiss (electric guitar, vocals, synth, percussion) Nate Nelson (rhodes, bass, vocals, electric guitar, percussion, tambourine, synth) Donovan Babb (drums, vocals, shakers, tambourine, percussion) Alec Wooden (bass, vocals) Ryan White (electric guitar, e-bow)

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