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Common Application - Arts Supplement by Andrew Huo

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About Common Application - Arts Supplement

This is a collection of compositions and recordings I have made. Press the large play button to begin listening, and you will hear all $NUMBER tracks in succession. For further information about a particular track, click the track name. This will lead to a new page and interrupt the listening process, though if you have clicked a track that is currently playing, you will be able to continue listening until the end of that track. At that point, you must return to the album listing (this page) if you wish to continue listening.


Skaian Ride: Composed by Andrew Huo. Mastered by Seth Peelle. Phantom Echoes: Composed by Andrew Huo. Sonata No. 2, IV. Chaconne (Excerpt): Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Performed by Andrew Huo. Scherzo-Tarantella: Composed by Henryk Wienawski. Performed by Andrew Huo.

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