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For The Dreamers EP by Ben Talmi

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About For The Dreamers EP

Limitation breeds creativity. Whether you are making an album, falling in love or launching your own business, it is how you tackle the obstacles that stand between you and your goal that will define the outcome.  The obstacles I had to overcome whilst recording this album were the instruments around me. Only having an acoustic guitar, a moog synthesizer, a piano and my voice. I wanted to create sounds that one wouldn't think possible using only those tools. I Recorded everything completely alone in my bedroom, the project was an endless learning process. From learning how to work my simple recording set up to noise complaints a plenty, it was all these obstacles that shaped and formed what is now the "For The Dreamers" EP That being said I am extremely excited for everyone to hear what I have been stirring up while being a hermit. So, for the month of August the EP will be a pay what you think download straight from bandcamp. Download the album directly from bandcamp and there might be an extra little gift for you... Just saying, give it a shot. Ultimately I want to thank you thank you thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my music and if you do choose to make a donation, rest assured all money will go straight into making more music! Thanks and please enjoy the "For The Dreamers" EP.


All songs Recorded and Mixed by Ben Talmi Mastered by Keith Freund and Ben Talmi Art by Mark Warren Jacques Email Ben: Connect with Ben:

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