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Billy Super Duper by T.Rex

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Billy Super Duper by Marc Bolan (full-album)

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About Billy Super Duper

Billy Super Duper was the working title of a Rock Opera concept envisioned by the late great Marc Bolan. Much like his other concept piece, The Children Of Rarn, the work did not come to fruition. However, Marc did leave behind some great unused studio recordings of songs that were to be included in the Opera - and some that we only include in this 'fantasy album' to fill in the gaps where Marc would have composed new material. The Marc On Wax label released an album of overdubbed versions of many of these songs under the same title 'Billy Super Duper' in 1982, and 'Dance In The Midnight' the following year. Those songs have been stripped back to their Bolanic purity for this album, save for the title track, where in overdubbing the song, they erased Marc's actual guitar work! Here is the closest thing we have to Marc's vision of "The Orwellian Science Fiction Opera".


Marc Bolan

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