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NLSN005 // Natural Selection Records All Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Pfeffer © 2007-2010 Music is Half the Battle (ASCAP) Personnel: Jonathan Pfeffer - Vocals, Nylon-String Guitar, Percussion Julian Chin - Accordion, Vocals, Percussion John DeHaven - Trumpet, Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion Doug Stuart - Upright Bass, Vocals, Percussion Dan Sutherland - Drums, Vocals, Percussion Guests: Anna Skalova - Violin (on "Brackish Love") Janet Lyu - Violin (on "Brackish Love") Josh Holcomb - Viola (on "Brackish Love") Jake Saunders - Cello (on "Brackish Love") Matt Endahl - Piano (on "Unnecessary Surgery") Colin Hacklander - Backing Vocals (on "Phanatical") Devin Kerr - Backing Vocals (on "Methheads," "Thousand"), Handclaps (on "Brackish Love"), Hacksaw, Cell Phone, Velcro Strip (on "Unnecessary Surgery") "Brackish Love" strings written for octet by Jonathan Pfeffer, transcribed & reduced for quartet by Julian Chin Pizzicato sections transcribed by Annlie Huang Produced by Jonathan Pfeffer Engineered by Robert Cheek in Minocqua, Wisconsin Sept-Oct 2010 Editing & additional tracking by Devin Kerr at Good Hertz in Ann Arbor, Michigan Oct. 2010 Mixed by Robert Cheek at the Hangar in Sacramento, California Nov. 2010 Mastered by Devin Kerr Nov. 2010 Cover image taken from Aztlán - Oil/canvas, 2006 by Demian Flores: Layout by James Holland /

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