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Cursory Asperses by Celer

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About Cursory Asperses

Press Release: Cursory Asperses is a series of pieces based around the single concept of slow movement. Throughout the process of composing and mixing, we kept in mind, and based everything on the form of certain field recordings, made at an isolated stream in the woods, of the slow trickle of the water, and of laundry hanging on cords in the backyard, flapping softly in the wind. While combining these field recordings with recordings of instruments, we mixed them into a more whole form of slow movement, with delicate, thin layers, but which we also intend to display our ideas interpreting the soft nature of Slow Flow. With still purpose: These are minds, lapping and skirling - Full but derived - errant streams gathering in transpicuous pockets of the shore.


01 Cursory Asperses (In 8 Parts) 57:58 Natatorial Swings The Languid Progeny of Low-Flying Birds A Soupcon of Self-Doubt in a Pannus Cloud Superannuated Blinks of a Otherwise Forgotten Pond The Peregrine Birders of Phantom Forests Laggardly Filling In The Past The Impotence of Decelerated Self-Importance Epigone Bygones Will & Danielle - Piano, Strings, Voice, Bells, Theremin, Whistle, Field Recordings All words by Danielle Sincere Thanks to Ryo Nakata

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