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Engaged Touches (Expanded edition) by Celer

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About Engaged Touches (Expanded edition)

In 2011 I decided to go back to some original boxes of recordings of certain albums, to rework them, and piece together parts that were lost or cut from the final take. In all of these circumstances original recordings were drastically cut to fit to the CD format, and this was particularly a case for 'Engaged Touches'. After going back through vast folders of untitled tracks, tapes of mixes or straight loop recordings, I put the album together once again in a more expanded form, with as little cut as possible. If one day the possibility of releasing it on 3xLP becomes available, the album will be ready. However, for the meantime, as that is unlikely and probably impossible, at the least it is available digitally, for people to more deeply explore the origins, hearing an expansion of the album, and finding out where it came from. - Will Long, Tokyo, December 2011

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