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Frozen Loop by Celer

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About Frozen Loop

Previously released only in a limited edition, handmade package. From the original insert: Materials: Portable Reel-to-Reel Player. 1 Loop, lasting 1 minute & 43 seconds in 1 full play. 1 Plastic, open container filled with water. 1 Bottle cap, and screw with ring attached to the bottom of the container. For this recording, we recorded a single loop for 25 minutes, the tape traveling underwater through a nail ring, and back out, over and over. We recorded the entire process, from the first few seconds of hitting Play, until the tape completely stopped, set completely still under the frozen water. The excerpts displayed here are 3 different stages of the loop, before it is finally completely frozen and stopped at 25 minutes. Ice and water create static, and as more ice builds up, and the water begins to freeze, high frequencies seem to disappear. This was recorded in very poor conditions inside of a freezer, but nevertheless demonstrates first experiments with this idea. Thank you for your support! All proceeds to go towards reissues and repressings of Celer and Chubby Wolf music. Thank you!

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