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Spumes Mistaken For Snow by Celer

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About Spumes Mistaken For Snow

'Spumes Mistaken For Snow' was originally recorded in 2009, and was never released due to fall-through with a label, and because an accompanying track of field recordings from the interior of a house in Nepal, during a snowstorm, was completely lost due to tape decay. The full album was intended to be a complete mix of the instrumental side of the album, and the straight, untouched field recording. Because of these circumstances the album was never formally released. Now, however, I am making it available digitally, as the story provides a good memory, and beauty through imagination. Though the album may be forever incomplete, the music remains. Despite the loss of the sounds of footsteps on a creaky floor, an oven heating up, wind and snow blowing harshly outside the unsealed window, the cushion of warm blankets, or the rickety bed springs, maybe it's best left to imagination in the end anyway. All proceeds help to fund CD and LP releases of out of print/unpublished material. Thank you for your support!

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