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Windows by Celer

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About Windows

This music of this EP was created in 2007 using an old Pentium desktop computer, utilizing only the Windows 3.1 operating system, with no inputs. Windows 3.1 came with only four .WAV files for different actions, so instead of uploading or inputting new sounds, we instead used only these four .WAV files to create all of the tracks on this EP. Using no music software, we instead used the age of the computer, and its freezing effect to produce many of the sounds. Sometimes when constantly forcing the computer to make one of the sounds over and over, and opening too many windows or programs at once, the computer would freeze, also freezing the sound in a very unnatural processing-like way. We recorded all the audio out through the headphone jack to external tape, some tracks passing through extra filters and effect pedals just to create more of an environment than the dull freeze of Windows. After several days of pushing this computer far past its limit (which had probably been reached 10+ years before, it died completely. The resulting tracks were all short, and because of the incredibly small length and odd concept, never released. Note: '4 Minutes' and 'Reply/Finale' are similar, one being an alternate take of the other. Though, I can't remember which is which, or what the difference in the setup was.

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