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a n a l o g u e - I by chaz knapp :: a n a l o g u e ::

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a n a l o g u e - I by Chaz Knapp (full-album)

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About a n a l o g u e - I

i have decided to make a compilation of a compilation of a couple of albums / i have taken songs from 'the silence' 'finger' and a folk album i was working on and compiled them all together for the first 'a n a l o g u e' release. music is expression / this music is my expression / i can't put a price on it nor can i take it too seriously . i am here to provide music and that is what i have been failing to do / at some point one has to free the ego and view the bigger picture / dissociate everything they think they know to find some true understanding / i am art/music / it is what i do / to create just to create / to create because you love doing it - not because you feel you have to / there is a mountain i am trying to climb and i would like my music to show the process of me doing so / here is 'a n a l o g u e I' / the first album without any business aspect / without any ties / just a set of pieces i wrote at certain times in my life that i would like to share with you / l o v e // ck


all pieces composed and performed by chaz knapp :: (unless otherwise noted) Jeff Miller - Violins (6, 10) Stephen Weidner - Cellos (5, 6, 9, 10) Nikko Gray - Vocals & Lyrics (8) Joshua Bertram - Vocals, Banjo, Noise (13)

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