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all we got it each other by ghost mice

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About all we got it each other

songs are all about our friend Sam. She's not with us anymore. They are also about mental illness... This Album will be out on LP/CASSETTE in about 2 months (max) it's all been sent away.. so it should be out by MARCH 1st... There are only 500 LPs being made, and 100 have sold though the kickstarter thing already, so... you should pre-order if you want one: YOU CAN PRE-ORDER it HERE: -=


Chris Clavin - Guitar/voice Hannah - Violon/voice Pascaloo - Uke/Bass Geoffry (the door) -Bass/Uke Gary - Horns Backups by: Eric Ayotte, Nathan Griffin, Daniel Ellis, Liv Mershon, Nowah Jacobs, Madeline Robinson, and the Rhino's Youth Punk Choir w/ Jackson, Ben, Tori, and David

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