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Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky

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About Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack

Soundtrack to XBOX Live Arcade/PC Game Super Meat Boy! Made with Propellerheads' Reason 4.0, Steinberg's Cubase Studio 5, Fender Guitars, Line 6 POD XT, KORG Keyboards and KRK Systems Monitors. Special Thanks - My amazing parents, Bob and Deanna. Christy, Andy, Eric, Geoff Kosirog, Super Friend, Myron McMillin, Logan, Peter, Molly McLarty, Ashley and Anthony Burch, Scott Burgener, James Id, Adam Atomic, Eric Johnson, Keith Heffner, Ben Ruiz, Anthony Carboni, Ryan Probst, Dan Tabar, Martin Jonasson, Notch (for Minecraft <3), C418, Jordan Fehr, David Lloyd and Everyone at,, Propellerhead Software, Line 6, TIGSource, Quiktrip and Rooster Booster Lite Energy Drink, @Wonchopmonkeyma, @ElTipejoLoco. Very Special Thanks to Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes for taking a chance on a scrappy young kid from Mesa. Our love is meaternal.


Composed, Recorded and Produced by Danny Baranowsky Additional Guitars by Logan Antelman and Peter Trentacoste

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