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black eagle child / donato epiro by donato epiro

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About black eagle child / donato epiro

Debut vinyl release for both of these great artists who collectively have had releases on a host of excellent underground labels such as Stunned Records, Housecraft, Sturmundrugs Records and Digitalis. Black Eagle Child is the musical project of Michael Jantz, and this release is his second outing for Blackest Rainbow following his excellent Kite Excursions CDR a while back. Here he presents us with 4 tracks of skillful guitar finger picking layered with glockenspeil, accordian and some perfectly timed field recordings giving the music a real autumnal glow. Donato Epiro's side is made up of three tracks of superbly crafted guitar work recorded between winter 2008 and winter 2010 at various destinations in Italy. I think the second track is particularily impressive, 'Il Primo Cerchio' is an intense piece with a variety of guitar sounds and techniques used... loose string twangs, repetitive layered plucking and deep raga meditations, at times layered with whirring drones. Pressed on virgin vinyl and housed in a pro-printed high gloss sleeve featuring cover photography by Joe Blanchard, pressed in an edition of 250 copies.


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