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Expire by Expire

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  • II II
    Tracks: 8

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About Expire

The universe is a cycle, one end meets and the other begins. Inspiration keeps the nothing at bay while children are born and march into ash. Time flows from chaos to chaos to chaos while only itself is constant. When the end comes, this universe will be but a transient of existence as we all expire into the void. This is the philosophical motivation behind Expire, a 5-song EP about phases of existence. The album is told from the perspective of a hypothetical oversoul and it details conception, birth, the passage of time, decline, and eventual death of the universe.


Carl Schissler - Music, Songwriting, Production, Artwork Thomas Price - Additional Guitar/Bass Songwriting Greg Taylor - Additional Keyboard Songwriting Rachel Quinto - Consulting, Quality Control Gordon Schissler - Additional Artwork

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