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Fern Knight (first version) by Fern Knight

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About Fern Knight (first version)

Before the all-analog glory of the Hexam Head recordings, the band recorded a nearly-complete version of the entire LP (sans Magpie Prelude and Sundew) in their Philly warren. These recordings bristle with the nascent joys of the songwriting craft--with many parts going down as the digital tape was rolling. There is also much more overt psychedelia and full-on improv--including a long instrumental jam which did not make it to the vhf release. The first 4 tracks are available as single downloads, but the full LP purchase includes 6 bonus tracks.


All songs by Margaret Ayre. Fern Knight is Margaret Ayre, cello, voice, Rhodes; Jim Ayre, Flyin' Vee, percussion; Jesse Sparhawk, harp, bass; James Wolf, violin and some occasional vocal assistance from Orion Rigel Dommisse (Bemused and Magpie Suite) and Chris Sarillio on singing saw (Bemused).

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