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Pythia by Ghibli

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Produced by Thomas Michael Mixed by Thomas Michael (with help from Morgan Greenwood) Mastered by Thomas Michael Artwork by Ross Faulder This album would have not been possible with out the love and caring efforts or shining inventiveness of the following people: Ross Faulder, Morgan Greenwood, Breanne Brown, Kristina Parrotta, Patrick McDonough, Brian Wood, Jenni Roberts, Jheri Evans, Rob Ross, Anthony Engelheardt, Ryan Hemsworth, Sean Bowie, Joe Gurba, Liam Trimble, Jessica Jalbert, Warren Hildebrand, Doug Hoyer, Franny Gurba, Rashell Campbell, Whitney Walters, Rachel Levy, Mat Cothran, Corin Roddick, Amy Macdonald, Thom Gill, Mikey Hamm, Aaron Levin, Fabien Le Gourrierec, Ryan York, Cecil Frena, Derwin Panda, Basic Channel, Akufen, Antonin Dvorak, Maurice Ravel, Missy Elliot, Thomas Tallis, The Undisputed Truth, Rose Royce, Frederick Chopin, Harvey Mason. L.V Johnson, Double Exposure, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Mom, Dad, Sis, and You.

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