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Diorama by Hailey Wojcik

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About Diorama

On her new full length album, Diorama, singer-songwriter Hailey Wojcik explores the many meanings of that word. Part theatre, part museum exhibit, each song is a musically unique and detailed glimpse at a life. The album was produced by Dan Romer (Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs) and makes use of a wide range of instrumentation, from Indian banjo to mellotron to recorded samples of animal noises, as well as strumstick, horns, ukulele and guitars. For the album art, Wojcik created a cardboard box diorama to represent each song, and she proves to be an artistic magpie, collecting scraps and treasures, phrases and ephemera, all to be constructed later into something wholly unexpected and beautiful. She is currently in the process of making a music video for each song on the album, featuring the corresponding diorama for the song. Her video for "Samsa Morning" was recently premiered on MTV LOGO's NewNowNext. While attending college in Michigan, Wojcik studied creative writing, a background that is evidenced in her songwriting. She identifies with literary protagonists of Kafka and Salinger in "Samsa Morning" and "Holden Caulfield", respectively. The closing song on the album, "Model Aeroplane", is a duet she co-wrote with legendary hardcore punk vocalist and Touch and Go Records founder, Tesco Vee of the Meatmen. The unlikely pair met while neighbors in Michigan, and are currently working on further collaborations. Wojcik is the child of zookeepers, an experience she recounts in, "Raised in a Zoo", a song which she and her band have been known to perform while wearing colorful animal masks. "Amnesia", a circus-y song consisting of only ukulele, vocals and hand percussion, deals with the point in a relationship where the best option seems to be taking a blunt object to one another's craniums to erase the memories of things that have been said/and start over. "Anglerfish" is a song for jilted lovers everywhere - its upbeat melody belies tongue-in-cheek bitter lyrics such as "I hope he gives you syphilis/and you don't notice it/until it creeps into your brain/then which one of us would be insane".

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