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the lost tapes by Häzel

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--- All tracks produced by Häzel Features include Drake, Slakah the Beatchild and Ebrahim Photography by Edwige Hamben Mixed and mastered by Yannick "Häzel" Beaucaine and Ebrahim Lakhani All rights reserved. Please don't bootleg this music or else you will suck. © A Decent Apple Recordings ---

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Hazel Biography

Häzel (born Yannick Beaucaine in 1983) is a multi faceted music producer, best known for his hip hop, soul works. His father’s blood originated from a native Brazilian tribe called the Carajas, while his mother comes from a peaceful region in France. Coming from a culturally diverse and deeply rooted music family, becoming a music producer of varied taste was an inevitable path for Häzel. His father was a well known radio host in the city of Brasilia back in the 80?s. It was there where Häzel discovered his love for music. Being surrounded by his dad’s massive vinyl collection enabled Häzel to appreciate the classics, but it wasn’t until he first heard the works for the late James “Dilla” Yancey, where he knew his musical destiny was set. Häzel spent countless hours practicing with his friend’s gear trying to perfect this J dilla sound. He saved up enough money to finally buy his own MPC 3000 only to have it stolen shortly after. Discouraged, but not broken, this minor setback forced Häzel to “get with the times”, as he now started to work on a computer based set up, which he found more convenient to work with. The robbery of Häzel’s MPC, along with his discovery of the computer could quite possibly be the two best things to have happened to him. Through the wonders of social networking, Häzel started to build relationships with Drake, Onra, Slakah the Beatchild, Ebrahim and Ayah, to name a few, who are all now part of Häzel’s extensive catalogue. Now after working on so many other people’s projects, Häzel is now set to release his very own solo project called Playground in the spring of 2011. Ebrahim’s personal testimony on Häzel: “When you lose the rhythm of the drumbeat of god, you are lost from the peace and rhythm of life.” (Cheyenne Proverb). If this is the case, Häzel is on route to becoming the holiest man on the planet. Maintaining not only the discipline and wisdom to nourish a well balanced personal life, but also the ability to inflict an unparalleled rhythmic blow the world is beginning to notice. Obvious comparisons come to mind when listening to Häzel’s intricate and meticulous production, but these comparisons come well deserved. On those crisp summer nights, when only wearing a fresh white T will do, you’ll notice a “D” the size of 7 inch record on Häzel’s left arm. This “D” represents The D, Motown, Motor City…Detroit. Most importantly the “D” pays respect to the late Jam
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