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There is something going on in various cities in the world. It may not yet have a name, but there is certainly a musical movement. A network of cool and creative souls are developing a new underground sound. Various bands are mixing styles to form a new musical spectrum. From Hip-Hop to rock, the new sound is most prevalent in the vibrant club circuits across the globe. It’s the sound of the alternative dance evenings and ultimately that of the true music lover. HIT ME TV produces a likewise original sound by combining danceable guitar-rock with catchy hooks, rocking riffs and pumping drums to create a mix of pop sensibility and unique vocals. Jaap Warmenhoven, the lead singer, at times wails, but does so with precise tone. HIT ME TV are 4 young music enthusiasts who have sleepless nights about creating the best song. HIT ME TV is about music. They are just as confused by the overkill of stories, MySpace friends, movies, opinions and changed departure times as everyone else, but in the music everything comes together. HIT ME TV is a united musical front, even though their music tends to stretch the limits. That excitement defines the band. Their self-titled debut album is a collaboration with famed Belgian producer, Frank Dûchene, who worked with Soulwax and Ozark Henry and was the founder of the successful band, Hooverphonic. And when asked to explain Frank’s contribution to the process, the band says “he helped us overcome our fear of ‘POP’” HIT ME TV walk the line between rock and pop : “The tension between rock and pop, between the guitar and vocals, is what defines our music. Much like the tension between the music and the lyrics. For example, the single “Maybe the Dancefloor” is very energetic, almost happy, but the lyrics are quite the opposite. These contrasts help give our music an original feel”, according to the band. “Writing music is a process, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily. Every person in the band has a distinct influence, and that intense interaction is what you hear on the record”. HIT ME TV is worth the attention of anyone who agrees that POP is allowed to irritate and ROCK is allowed to let you dream. Come see the show, listen to the debut album and judge for yourself.


Jaap Warmenhoven - Vocals & synth Frank van Roessel - Guitar & backingvocals Thijs van Vuure - Bassguitar & backingvocals Bow Evers - Drums Contact: Publishing, masterownership, management and bookings are a onestop-shop!

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