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Pannacotta (stunned) by je suis le petit chevalier

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About Pannacotta (stunned)

Split tape Inez Lightfoot/Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier B Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier: Pannacotta B1. Beckett in L.A. B2. I Panema B3. Swamp Boat B4. Solar Tabu B5. Cavalière Nue


" French/Belgian Je Suis le Petit Chevalier (good thing her music is not as difficult to listen to as is pronouncing her moniker) hazes out the other side with crooning chants and a knack for inducing a dream-like state. At one moment, she turns what sounds similar to squeaky car brakes and turns it into a ritualistic pattern -- lulling the audience elsewhere. The setting I get is somewhat of an abandoned club with some songs serving as echoes of times past, still haunting whatever may lurk around the cobwebbed corners. So with the spookier tendencies some of these songs flaunt, the rest are relaxing -- like cruising through a coastal region with a soothing mist enveloping. Alongside other female droners such as Grouper and Inca Ore, these ladies have potential to emerge even higher in the underground scene. If pretense was present this would seal the deal, but it will happen naturally as the fallen leaf grazes the placid lake (okay, that was pretentious -- had to get that off my chest) and naturally as their art comes across. The one complaint I can think of is in the vocal department; I would like to hear more pronounced lyrics once in a while. In any case, both sides better get used to being in my Buick’s tape deck rotation. " Zach Katonik

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