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Hello to everyone and Happy Hollowdays, I have some horrible news, not the end of the world news, but not good news by any means. For the last two months myself and a team of committed film producers have been working on a music video for the song “MIRACLE” off of my album “THIS WILL WORK FOR NOW”. The process has been everywhere from joyous and fulfilling to wearing and heartbreaking, in so many ways. I believe we had close to 40 extras involved, including professional actors and actresses. We even found an 80-year-old woman to play the grandma role and a 5-year-old kid to play the grandson. Just one week ago, with only two more scenes to shoot, I was informed that the hard drive that all of our footage was on, CRASHED. Not only did it crash, but also it was restored and erased by the person responsible for the hard drive. He thought that it was backed up, but was mistaken and so now…we are in a new stage of the process of the video, which is attempting to recover the footage that may still be buried deep within the beat up life of the hard drive. As of now we have two very competent and knowledgeable computer geniuses working on retrieving the information and so far, there is still a chance that the material will be retrieved, but it will indeed be a MIRACLE if it is. As of now, there is nothing written in stone. I would like to apologize to everyone who has been directly involved with the making of this video; I am so sorry that your time and presence in this video may not ever by acknowledged by the creation of it. When I first found out, my heart hurt badly. But as time moves on, I do as well. As you can imagine it has been hard to focus on other parts of my life, including friendships, family, work/music, maintaining proper hygiene, etc, so to everyone and anyone affected by this…I am sorry. The process of recovery has also cost a bit of money, at this point close to $1,000, which has also been hard to stomach, but definitely worth it, if we do get the data. WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS ALBUM (NAME YOUR PRICE, $2.00 MINIMUM) THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE " SAVING THE MIRACLE MUSIC FOUNDATION" Thanks. CHRIS Pick up Kristoff Krane CDs, books and shirts here:

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