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MIXXY #3: Collection of Kristoff Krane stuff. Including • The song “Miracle?” off of Kristoff Krane’s “This Will Work For Now” • B-side tracks from Kristoff Krane’s “Hunting For Father” to be released spring of 2010. • B side track from Kristoff Krane’s “Picking Flowers Next To RoadKill” to be released Spring 2010 • Previous and unreleased Abzorbr songs. • Previous Saturday Morning Soundtrack releases. • Pieces from the new Face Candy record coming soon. • A new Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream song from a record coming soon. • Unreleased Kristoff Krane Guitar songs. • Unreleased Kristoff Krane piano songs. • Collaboration Tracks featuring some good friends. All tracks recorded, written, produced and mixed by Kristoff Krane. Except where noted. 1. HERE I AM: POLISHED VERSION (recorded by Adam Krinsky) 2. LEFT ME FOR DEAD 3. GRAMP’S BAD 4. BRIGHTER-SIDE: POLISHED VERSION (recorded by Adam Krinsky) 5. GREEN MEANS NO. 6. COME ON (“Abzorbr”, Ep2) 7. AMEN DISSAPROVAL 8. CARMA 9. PLEASE 10. AXE 11. WAVES (“Abzorbr”, Ep3) 12. PRINCESS (starring Eric Blair of “No Bird Sing”, produced by Graham O’Brien) 13 MIRACLE? (Kristoff Krane, “This Will Work For Now”) 14. SPARROWS (starring me on “ No Bird Sing,” self titled.) 15. RECORD DEAL (starring Joe “The Man” Horton and kitty-kat Cinderella) 16. GOODWILL (“Face Candy” unreleased, starring Eyedea, Casey O’Brien and Jt Bates) 17. DON’T TELL ME (starring me on Capaciti’s and A-scratch’s record, “Blind Cinema Sessions”. Produced by A-scratch.) 18. SIDEPROJECT (“Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream” unreleased, starring Impulse of “Sector 7G”. Produced by Mr. Dufaux) 19. THEY KILL YOU (“Saturday Morning Soundtrack”, self titled. Produced by Ecid) 20. GARY’S DRUNK AGAIN (featuring Ecid, produced by Ecid) 21. VISION (featuring Eric Blair of “No Bird Sing”, Impulse of “Sector 7G” and William Snippletooth, of “The Flopping Whimphrey’s”. Produced by Leonard Rhombus) 22. CLICK 23. I CHOOSE YOU (HAPPY B-DAY SHARRI) 24. FLAT PLANET (starring Pat Adams, “Abzorbr” unreleased. B-side from Ep1) 25. USELESS BRUISES (“Saturday Morning Soundtrack”. Produced by Ecid) 26. SHIPWRECK FOR SAIL (“Face Candy,” unreleased) All Proceeds go to the, “Saving the ‘Miracle?’ Music video Foundation”. Pick up Kristoff Krane CDs, books and shirts here:

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