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Hypersecret by Lockbox

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About Hypersecret

45:36 of MicroCassette Psyched-out Freak-Hop Toon Ghost Pink mayhem! Produced and Curated by Stardust Sunglass, "Hypersecret" sees Lockbox move away from the "bedroom recorded" sound to a more accessible "Acid Scooters Mind-Cannon" sound for the masses. Ancient cauldron sex glyphs, faded Rainbows wearing Jeans, Saturday-Morning Gohma Ghosts (all equipped with bedazzled Crystal Sunglasses) jerkin' around the MyFirst "Shimmerboom n Shimmerbox"! It's Red Version for Candy-Coated Sleepwalkers dreamin' of that strange gold suburb, it's the Gnome-like students of Sid Phillip's prisma-color dojo, it's your deepest darkest secret, it's Lockbox's first full length, it's Hypersecret baby!!!!


Recorded at Canni Canni Studios under the supervision of Stardust Sunglass

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