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Humanistic Demos by Abandoned Pools

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About Humanistic Demos

5/16/11 Hey All, It's almost the 10th year anniversary since the release of Humanistic and a week since it was re-released on iTunes. I figured this is a good time to release the demo versions of the Humanistic album too. These are the recordings that I did at home in South Pasadena, California before traveling to Boston to make the album at Q Division in April 2001. I won't claim that they are the best sounding recordings, but they give some insight into how the album began to take shape. All of the recordings were made between the Fall of 1999 and the Spring of 2001, with the exception of Never, which was written in the Spring of 1998. Blood was the last song written, and The Remedy was next to last. So, for those of you who are curious about how it all started, please enjoy. - Tommy


Written and performed by Tommy Walter

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