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Insomniac Stash 1: Syntax by Mac Lethal + Various others

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About Insomniac Stash 1: Syntax

About a year ago, my dear friend Syntax decided to assemble all the random songs he could find that had me on them, yet were floating around the internet un-noticed or homeless. He asked if I would allow to him throw them together and make a collection out of them. I said absolutely, EXCEPT, I want it to be named "The Insomniac Stash". Why? Who cares. Titles are titles. Anyways, I was paid to do many of the songs on here, that's why I am only charging $3. I have a lot of fans who will download these and be shocked at how dope some of the unknown cats I have worked with are. So hopefully this helps everyone get some exposure. Note: If a song of yours is featured on one of these Insomniac tapes and you want it removed, email I will get it down immediately. I figured $3, which I profit very little on, does nothing but help people hear new artists! Enjoy! Each Insomniac Stash will be named after a Black Clover High Ranking Affiliate. While I only have 7 Insomniac Stashes for now, eventually I hope we get everyone covered. NOTE: These cost $3 but FEEL FREE TO TIP MORE. The life of a musician can be tough. No worries, just enjoy the tunes.!!!

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