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Real Life Color by Magic Man

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About Real Life Color

After months of planning and preparation, the first release from Magic Man is ready for you to hear. The songs were written at several different locations in France, including a chateau, a farm, a circus festival, and a beach cottage and brought back home to the states for further recording and editing (most of which was done in small dorm rooms and transmitted between band members with the aid of the world wide web). We've put a lot of work into these ten songs and would really like you to hear them, so we've decided to put the entire album up for free download. You don't have to pay anything (unless, of course, you feel strongly compelled to do so)--all we ask is that, if you like the songs, please share them with anyone you think will enjoy them as well. ---- REAL LIFE COLOR - MAGIC MAN 1. Swell Song 2. Monster 3. Darling 4. South Dakota 5. Daughter 6. Like Sailors 7. Layers 8. Polygons 9. Nest 10. Darling (Reprise) Thanks for listening! ----- To hear about shows, new releases, and other Magic Man news, like us on facebook here:


All songs written and recorded by Sam Lee and Alex Caplow. (Many thanks to Will Radin for mixing and mastering and Daniel Radin for loving support and live musical accompaniment. Will and Daniel have since joined the band!)

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