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our little prayers (for Thailand) by mink's record

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About our little prayers (for Thailand)

In late 2011, Thailand’s worst floods in more than 50 years have swept across 60 of Thailand’s 77 provinces, and destroying more than 15 percent of the nation’s rice crop and flooding the homes of almost 19 percent of the country’s 67 million people. Since then, the death toll has risen to more than 600. While the worst of the Thai floods has passed now, but there are still thousands of flood victims that are facing numerous problems, including destroyed homes, health issues, polluted water, and many more. In response to this, Malaysia-based indie label, mu-nest, has teamed up with Bangkok-based design house/music label, Mink’s, to curate this fund-rising charity compilation album, to express what we feel for Thailand people in the depths of our hearts, and to help with what we do best: the most honest, simple, and subtle music. Our Little Prayers (for Thailand) is a compilation of breathtaking music by young, aspiring independent musicians from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and Europe. It is a show of support to the Thailand people, a small gesture for us to give what we can. It represents the reflections of our love, hope and wishes for the people who are once again set upon with the difficult task of rebuilding their home. This beautiful compilation features 14 exquisite tracks, with almost half of them are previously unreleased tracks. We wish to thank Schole label (Japan), Kitchen. Label (Singapore) , Finalkid (Thailand) and SO::ON Dry FLOWER (Thailand) for their kind support in this project.We’d also like to thank our mastering engineer, Noppanan Panicharoen, for putting his magical touches on the tracks. And last but not least, we’d like to thank all the wonderful participating artists that have provided their precious music gems in this project, showing their heart-felt gestures to all the people in Thailand. All sales proceeds from the compilation will be donated in full to The Thai Red Cross Society . Your kind support is much appreciated.


Curated by : mink's record & mü-nest Mastered by : Noppanan Panicharoen Cover Art by : hummingbert stereo English Text by : wei

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