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Lonely Mountain by Mugison

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About Lonely Mountain

hey, thanks for checking my music out :) hopefully you´ll like some of it.. I´m a bit confused about all this internet-give-away stuff.. but wanted to do an experiment... So the deal is.. in case the letters in the header abve are unreadable.. here goes.. you can download for free.. share my music in any way you like.. all the options are here on this page.. but if you´d like to support.. and by doings so enable me to make more music.. here is what I suggest 2 options.. buy 1 album for 9$ .. or buy 3 albums for 20 $ pay using your paypal .. sign in and transfer to within 24 hours I´ll e-mail you back a link where you can download the album/s in much better quality... you can then put that stuff on your i-pod or whatever you use for mp3.. Then i´ll sit down here at home and hand-make for you the CD.. and mail over .. usually takes 4-10 days to arrive... you can see videos of me hand-making these albums here

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