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Mugiboogie by Mugison

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About Mugiboogie

hey, thanks for checking my music out :) hopefully you´ll like some of it.. More info about the album: I worked on Mugiboogie from 2005-2007 - nearly 3 years (I did 2 soundtracks, moved 3 times and had 2 kids over those 3 years.. ) I wanted to make an album that sounded like a best-off album.. I´d been listening to lot´s of best-off´s Led Zeppelin, Hendrix.. and 100´s of others... and loved the schizophrenic feel. That´s why it sounds all over the place. I´d started to play with these guys (Addi, Gudni, Petur Ben and David Thor) and loved the sound of the band. I loved the tension and the livelyness.. if that´s an expression. So... for most parts abandoned the click track.. I think it gives the songs more natural tension and feel. I re-recorded the songs and worked on them with the boys until we could play them with eyes closed, think it was very important to get to the state of just playing and not thinking.. well anyway.. I´ll keep this short for now.. have a listen. Hope you like some of it.. all the best Mugison

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