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11:43am by Nathan Partain

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About 11:43am

Each song in this collection was written to be sung after the preaching of the word of God, for contemplation during the worship service of 2005 and 2006. They were recorded in the study of our house in an attempt to capture the core elements of each song. They came from meditating on the written word in scripture and were heavily influenced by the preached word on Sunday morning. They are some of my first attempts at writing hymns. It seems plain to me that nothing good originates from the earthly man and though we might work to create with all of our efforts, it is God who makes things good. For this reason I praise my Father in heaven again and again for working his goodness into my labors. I also rejoice in my wife, who supports me and lifts me up, who bears with me and is patient, who loves me and gives me courage. Nathan.


Recorded and Mixed by Nathan Partain Mastered by RJ (Rick Jensen) Words for "I Belong to Jesus" by M. Fraser Harmony on "THe Gospel is all I Have" sung by Sarah Partain All other songs written and performed by Nathan Partain

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