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The Song's Been Damaged - Remix LP by Nervous Curtains

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The Song's Been Damaged - Remix LP by Nervous Curtains (full-album)

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About The Song's Been Damaged - Remix LP

Contact nervouscurtains at gmail dot com Tracks from the debut LP 'Out of Sync With Time' as reimagined by our friends and peers. These interpretations range wildly in style including but not limited to: dubstep, glitch, psychedelia, electro, drone, ambient, shoegaze.

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Nervous Curtains Biography

Defined by a unique blend of post-punk, cabaret, and goth rock, Out of Sync With Time collectively feels like something of a lucid dream. With no guitars, the record relies heavily on the juxtaposed contrast of chromatic treble on the keys countered by imposing synthesizers in the bass. Toss in a healthy dose of drum rolls, dirty percussion and emotional vocals and the resulting sound is a tantalizing, albeit disturbing, hybrid of The Birthday Party and The Cure. Yet at no point do the Curtains ever lean too far in one direction, but instead they maintain a sound which is distinctly and entirely their own. And while the vocals occasionally get drowned out in their own reverb (with sporadic assists from the synths), the gist of the lyrics is plain enough: surrealism and paranoia amidst cryptic cultural commentary.
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