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Alap by Netherfriends

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About Alap

This is not a typical Netherfriends release. This album is basically an improv album with elements of ambient and drone. It is entitled Alap, which is a term used in Indian classical music for a section that is improvised and free flowing. The recording of this album was something I did for a week during Christmas because I don't celebrate and I was bored out of my mind!! I had been working hard on the 50 state songs and needed a short break. I recorded one song a day and was inspired after playing a similar sounding set at a yoga studio in Chicago. I figured since the music was so easy and fun to make that I could record one session a day for a week and will be releasing one song a day at a time. I think the music should be listened to while relaxing or doing work. Easy listening d00ds. -Shawn This album is FREE! Just put in 0 in the name your price!

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