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Rotissabooty by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

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About Rotissabooty

FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: Thank God for friends that will actually listen to this retarded album and show it to other people. WEIRDOS. Secondly, I'd like to thank me for being the Biggitybozzarizom and releasing a boss ass album for free. NOW FOR THE REAL THANK YOUS::::::: Thank you Christopher Cendejas for the awesome album art. It's perfect. Thank you to Kyle Lang for helping out on the song Rotissabooty. Listen to his music here: It rules. Thank you to Johnny Darge for beat boxing on Breakfast. Listen to his music here: Thank you to Brendan Smyth for making the Mayo beat and Stephan Jurgovan for taking forever to record his verse to it. Listen to our band: Thank you to Geoff Schott for his awesome intro and vocals to Janet Jackson (Cyborg). Seriously makes me laugh every time. Check his band: Thank you to Marty Silha for making the beat for Hypersonic Swerp. Also thanks to Brian Baliga and Brendan Smyth for rapping on it. Me and Brian: Smyth and Silha: Thank you to Julie Popelka and Goku Ogbonnaya for singing on AINT CANT NOBODY. Me and Julie: Thank you to Molly Malloy for singing on GEDDALILDIP. Listen to her sing. She is wonderful. Thank you to Antonio King for singing on Eddie Murphy. Got that smooth, silky voice. Thank you to Nicholas Miller for screaming in WHY YOU TRYNA HOLD MY HAND. Nick's Music: Thank you to Dan for making the ACKIN beat, and to Anthony Sanders, Danny Radovanovic, and Ian Sutherland for their verses on it. Danny's verse is the best thing ever. Danny & Anthony's band: Me and Ian's music: Thank you to Seth Engel for singing on Big Beautiful Dookie Booty. Seth's music: Thank you to Chi for singing on Ashy Ass Kidz. Sorry if you wanted to be on this cd and you aren't. Thank you to everyone for listening to my music. SWERP. God Bless.


Me. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. AND PBS, and KAPTDHAOBT (Kids against people that do heroin and other bad things). BUT MOSTLY ME. ACTUALLY, ONLY ME. FORGET THE REST. HOORAY ME!!!!

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