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Do I Dare Disturb the Universe by Old Gray

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About Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

We originally had such high hopes and grandiose plans for this EP- a seamless, six song jam, packed with guest spots from friends on strings, piano and vocals. Due to time constraints and trying to do too many things at once, things just didn't work out. So maybe next time. But we're still proud of this. While we wrote and recorded the entire Demo in what couldn't have been more than a week, we focused all of our efforts and energy into tuning these songs and making them as solid as we could. Are there things we wish we could change or add? Maybe some riff didn't come out the way we hoped, or some vocals are off-putting, or maybe a drum hit is missing? In a word- no. It's how we want it. We're happy and we put all we had into it. You're gonna listen to this and bitch about the rough vocals because you like singing and you like clean guitars and you like the Demo more. And that's okay, at least you listened. Thank you. We'll be back in a few months.


On these recordings, Old Gray is: Cameron Boucher - Guitar and vocals Raphael Bastek - Guitar and vocals Zane McDaniel - Bass Charlie Singer - Drums and vocals On "Dying Leaves", Raphael does vocals but does not play guitar. Recorded again by our great friend Zak Ickes throughout July and August. Album artwork and design by Raphael Bastek. We couldn't thank the following people/things enough: Cormac Doherty for playing bass for us during Central's Class Day, Bradley Schneider for playing bass with us on numerous occasions and for hosting shows in the fantastic and short-lived Brad's Pitt (RIP), Ryan McAvoy for being my best friend and telling me how much he hates my vocals (me too, man, me too), Jake Letizia (and his comrades in Twin Cyclist/Centennial) for being our best friends and super nice to us, our friends in the Midwest for being supportive of us ripping them off and then growing out of it, cigarettes, weed, everyone else Cameron met who is/was in a band and he's now friends with, and everyone who ever came to a show, bought a shirt or just told us we didn't suck too much (you're wrong). Cheers.

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