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Bill Nyequil EP b/w Based MacGuyver EP by Pariah Carey

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About Bill Nyequil EP b/w Based MacGuyver EP

*BILL NYEQUIL EP* 01 Pocarazzi (4AM) 02 PB Jamwich (4LC) 03 Smiley Vyrus (ft Sushi Mane) 04 Puncture 05 Ghibli: Brahman (Pariah Carey's Based Chemical Edit) *BASED MACGUYVER EP* 06 Womenade 07 Betrayal of the Headhunters 08 Lumpy Space Art (4TL) 09 Wami Whaleyedeye 10 Felt Through The Lens 11 Catacombes


Music & Artwork by Jheri Evans Most of these tracks contain various samples from the video game soundtracks of Warcraft 1-3 & Diablo 1 + 2, including expansion packs. "Brahman (Pariah Carey's Based Chemical Edit)" was made using samples from Ghibli's "Brahman", from the record Pythia. This album would not be possible without the love and support of Dwight Pavlovic, Thomas Michael, Brian Miller, Ryan Hemsworth, Julian Wass, Audrey Melton, Laura Cameron, and TL Luines.

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