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Pocket Full Of Blue by Pleq & Segue

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About Pocket Full Of Blue

Buy:¤cy=eur&lang=&page= Pleq also appears on the three-inch Pocket Full of Blue along with Canadian artist Segue. It's not a collaborative effort but rather one featuring originals by two simpatico producers plus a Pleq remix of Segue's title track. First up is an entrancing ambient lullaby from Dziadosz that's aptly titled “Fragments of Memories as a Child,” the piece spotlighting his distinctive talent for merging natural and synthetic sounds. Segue's “Pocket Full Of Blue” weaves violin and softly lapping electronics into a delicate serenade that's similar in style and equal in appeal to the Pleq track, while the more aggressive “Diaphonous” flutters like a hummingbird. Not surprisingly, Pleq's remix adds textural detail in subtle manner to Segue's piece, almost as if suggesting that it would be impolite to do otherwise. Textura March 2010


Pleq & Segue – Pocket Full Of Blue Label: U-Cover Minidisc – u-cdm 36 Format: CDr, Mini, EP, Black

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