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The Anatomy Of Melancholy by Pleq + Lauki

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About The Anatomy Of Melancholy

This release will now be 100 copies with 25 a limited edition (numbered) with a small magnet of the artwork. 25 a limited number is now sold out. "Pleq & Lauki outdo themselves with this beautiful recording. It is right in time for the winter session. The songs, while coming from far away, possess warmth. Of course the pianos are still there, the violins are too, yet there’s a greater depth to the work. This is not the first time the two have worked together; they put out an EP earlier this year. Yet with more space they explore more territories and textures. The result ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ is quite affecting. At times ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ reminds me of Stars of the Lid’s early work, particularly ‘The Ballasted Orchestra’. ‘V’ has this particular, darkened mood. When the violin comes in it simply confirms it for me. For me at least ‘V’ may be the strongest track on the album, and the remix is wonderful as well, even if the remix lightens the original somewhat. Even with the calm tone, there are a few surprises. ‘XI’ is one of those surprises. It starts out with harsh static noise before settling into an organ/piano pattern. The static evolves into an accompaniment of the organ, piano, and eventually violin. For an ambient record to include such a curveball is greatly appreciated, as it does wake up the listener. There is a lot within this album. Personally I enjoy the shorter tracks, as they appear to have a bit of mystery. And the remixes, which usually don’t accompany an ambient record, are excellent, with Offthesky’s rising above the rest. I’m glad Pleq + Lauki finally got around to releasing something so diverse, giant, and soothing. "


All tracks written and produced by Bartosz Dziadosz and Mikel Lauki at the turn of 2010 and 2011. Track 01 - Violin by Tomasz Mreńca Track 04 - Poem by Loulwa Beydoun Track 11 remix by Tim Diagram ( Track 12 remix by Harry Towell ( Track 13 remix by Jason Corder ( Track 14 remix by Ian M Hazeldine ( Mastering by Mikel Lauki Album cover by Loulwa Beydoun Artwork and Design by Timo David Brice Bartosz Dziadosz - Mikel Lauki - Thanks to my friend Mikel for great job ! Thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of this album. Thanks to Somehow Recordings for an album. Special thanks to Nike Warszawska for understanding and confidence...

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