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The Dawn Came Behind The Fog by Pleq and Marihiko Hara

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The Dawn Came Behind The Fog by Pleq (full-album)

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About The Dawn Came Behind The Fog

3"cd-postcard release. Limited to 100 copies. Info on release: Dedicated to Nike Warszawska. Buy:


The Somehow Recordings micro label Twisted Tree Line (TTL) has gone into overdrive lately with up to nine 3″ CDr postcard releases appearing per month! This popular release format seems to be attracting an ever increasing roster of well known artists to the TTL label and the collaboration between Bartosz Dziadosz (aka Pleq) and Marihiko Hara on The Dawn Came Behind the Fog is due for imminent release on 15th August. Both artists have been very active on the collaboration scene of late with Pleq working alongside Spheruleus (Audio Gourmet), Offthesky, Anne Rose Carter (Rural Colours) and Natalia Noelia Siebuła (Heat Death Records) while Marihiko contributed to the beautiful Prosa release with Tomas Phillips on the Tench label which I reviewed on here last year. The TTL release is a perfect marriage of Pleq’s glitchy electronic melancholy and Marihiko’s processed piano and other sounds to the point where it is impossible to distinguish who created what on each of these tracks. The five tracks on this 20 minute EP begin somewhat quirkily with One Last Dream Of Being On This Universe which includes DIY hammering and a bit of bottle smashing mixed with vinyl crackle, glitchy sounds and some panning processed piano. Having recovered from this enigmatic opener the next three tracks explore a more familiar experimental landscape of subtle hisses, electrical interference, vinyl crackle, processed piano meanderings, plucked strings and breathy white-noise washes over lightly textured drone backgrounds. The final track Place And Time Beyond The Mind has a dystopian air with a quiet piano and rain soaked intro descending slowly into chaos as the piano notes become ever more discordant and doom laden while being chopped up by rattling tin sounds, blips and other electrical noise. The EP as a whole is pleasantly devoid of melody and familiar musical structures with the more unusual bookend tracks surrounding a gentle experimental ambient core that recalls the sound of Marihiko’s much praised Nostalghia release on the Audiomoves label back in 2010. This is a very successful collaboration which would be worth revisiting with a longer release in the future. Pleq and Marihiko Hara – The Dawn Came Behind The Fog. 3″ postcard CDr limited to 100 copies on Twisted Tree Line. Released 15/8/11.

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