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beebles by secret salamander

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recorded by major matt mason @ olive juice studios fet performances by: angela carlucci ,brett sullivan ,crystal madrilejos ,daoud tyler ameen ,dibson t hoffweiler , g.lucas crane ,jack lewis , matt roth , misha volf ,nan turner , sam grossmark iv ,toby goodshank

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Secret Salamander Biography

secret salamander is an ongoing recording project started by dashan.he makes up and records songs with different friends when they are hanging out at his house sometimes he plays all the music himself but only when he's realy bored.dashan enjoys bike rides,sitting on park benches,writing songs,and getting hugs. dashan used to be in the following bands > freak out > a new lease on life > dbdc > visitor 6 > urban barnyard > friends with benefits > huggabroomstik > future wolf > the astonishmints dashan > is also a caprocorn > enjoys being alone as much as he likes being around others > hates using or hearing the word awesome > used to read comic books > almost never reads the end of novels > likes riding the train and hates airports > knows the difference between friends and aquaintences > can't spell very well > hates to use spell check > has never eaten flesh of any kind > has eaten hufu(human flavored tofu)as well as many other meat wanna be products > used to obsess over radiohead but can't listen to them anymore > used to listen to tevin campbell a lot and wishes that he had some of his music now > watches too much tv when he has cable > likes rooms that don't have a tv set but do have record players > can play other instruments than guitar better than it seams but is slow at learning songs on them > loves berlin but doesn't really like being in germany > is sick of seth rogan and that little dude from mac adverts > likes to talk shit about england and france > has never lived in a place that wasn't in the big city > doesn't trust the internet > may very well be a manic depressant > has at least four personality's > has way too many siblings > is the oldest of them all > went to art high school > never went to college > only drinks coffee socially >doesn't like to shower every day > is unemployed >
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