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▲ B S T R ▲ C T I C ▲ by ETHEREAL

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About ▲ B S T R ▲ C T I C ▲

The mother of all pearls. It is about the dissonance of life, the hardships i have overcome and still have to face, the female gender, drugs, and my struggle with all of these things. I appreciate everyone rocking with me up until now. Don't stop. So without further adieu, I present: ▲ B S T R ▲ C T I C ▲.


Slumerican Records Thumbs Up ATL GlassHouse Society Manager/Booking Brianna Giddens @GottaLoveBri Shoutout BRIANNA GIDDENS, Fanti Hamilton, Hal Williams, Steve Jones & Winston Lord of Introspective Minds, Iesha M., Dukarus 'Jesus' Pierce, Will Moore, WhiteMike, My little bros NRK, MattMart3, Jessica Paper(lol), Micah Freeman, Kasey Greer, Giovanni Armstrong, Centel Mangum & Morian Thomas of Awfully Creative, Lazymane & Kosherbeets of Supreme INK, KeithCharles, Michael Uzowuru, and so so so many more. Album recorded at Hal Williams ‘Pyramid Studios’ Lazy & Kosher’s ‘Supreme INK Studios’ and David Frank’s ‘The Dungeon.’

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