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Another Fight, Another Defeat by teamABC

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Another Fight, Another Defeat by teamABC (full-album)

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About Another Fight, Another Defeat

The first "single" from my forthcoming WATER EP. This song was written and recorded in one day pretty much, and then the frankly amazing backing vocals were recorded on a seperate day a few days later, that was actually the day before yesterday, fact fans. MONTHS LATER So yeah, just finished a sweet remix of this track. HERE YOU GO. Get your groove happening. And that.


Music and words by Stef Purenins Backing vocals/yelps by Elie Howe, of the frankly awesome but sadly defunct Pockets Filled With Matches - posthumously appreciate them here -

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teamABC Biography

teamABC is sometimes a band, but usually the pop music of Stef Purenins and company. The new EP - "Complaints" is the first full band release for teamABC though, featuring 5 perfectly energetic indie pop songs, filled with shouty vocals, handclaps, synths and memorable lyrics. It's a free download from everywhere you'd assume (as long as you assume bandcamp, and soundcloud). It's pretty alright. Let's all find some things to complain about? Previous to this, the most up to date release was the Water EP, released back in August 2010. It featured 6 pop songs, including the mini "hit" of Tangled (Your Bones), and the live "favourite" of Another Fight, Another Defeat. It's free to download from everywhere. Be resourceful. Looking even FURTHER back, you can see an illustrious trend of small scale indie pop releases, going backwards through the Water EP, the Fire EP, Yesses Noes & Volcanoes LP, the Butterflies EP, and even the age-old Hurry Up Hurricane LP. These can all be downloaded for NOTHING. There are some definite gems to be discovered there.
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