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Signs of Life by The Trufflehunters

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About Signs of Life

Here's what the official press release said: "Signs of Life by The Trufflehunters is one of the most intriguing records you’ve heard this year. Ostensibly a contemporary folk record with some left-field production values, this album starts strong and keeps growing. From the confessional beauty and spiritual depth of “The Hidden Part”, via the stomp-along Proclaimers-esque future hit “Lovesick Heart” to the gorgeously unhinged “Wish It Was Honey” (“My head is a honeycomb where bees go in,” it begins, “Sweetness of honey and pain of a sting”) The Trufflehunters take you on a swooning journey to the heart of things; deploying harmonies, electronics, guitars, oboe, strings and accordion as handholds along the way. Signs of Life is steeped in the best traditions of Scottish Highlands and Islands folk music and a distillation of various sacred musics including plain song, chant and the strict Presbyterian tradition of utterly unadorned, gloriously harmonic, unaccompanied singing of psalms with its emphasis on lyric and melody."


THE TRUFFLEHUNTERS ARE: Shona MacDonald - vocals Andrew Howie - vocals, guitar, bass, programming Allan MacDonald - lyrics and music   ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: Lorna MacDougall - cello on tracks 3,4,5,11 and piano on track 10 Isabel Paterson - violin on tracks 3,5,11 Stuart Walker - accordion on tracks 7 and 8 Phil Moir - drums and percussion on tracks 2,3 and 9 Mark Hilditch - keyboard on tracks 1and 9 Dougie Weir - guitar on tracks 2,6,9 and bass on track 9 Iain Hutchison - electric guitar on track 3 Margot Cruft - oboe on track 10 All songs written by Allan MacDonald, except track 4, written by Shona MacDonald.   All tracks engineered and mixed by: Andrew Howie at Autoclave Noiselab, Beauly, exept track 2, which was engineered and mixed by Fraser Maclaren and Andrew Howie.   Produced by: Andrew Howie and Allan MacDonald   Mastered by: Iain Hutchison at Glo-Worm studios, Glasgow Photography by Fin Macrae Photography Design by Alister MacInnes

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