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War of Currents by The Whiskers

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About War of Currents

Thom Stylinski formed The Whiskers out of necessity and luck in 2006. They write and record with the help of the internet because the members are from all over the Eastern United States; The Whiskers' skeleton is from Connecticut. The heart's from Talladega, the funk's from Rochester. The brain is from Chicago and the soul is from The Vineyard. That's not a complete human but it's something. A halfway decent android, at least. War of Currents is their third full-length release.


The Whiskers Arthur Bond - drums, banjo, bird synth Dan Jircitano - electric bass guitar Mike Kendall - saxophone Brett Mattox - vocals, lyrics, melodies Jim Stylinski - acoustic guitar Thom Stylinski - vocals, lyrics, synthetics, mixing Matt Vuchichevich - arrangements, violin, keyboards, slide guitar, piano, samples with April Brennan - vocals on "Ornithopters" Ted Lempkowski - oboe on "Bad Magicians" Andrew Alexander Rehayem - trumpet Drew Szandrocha - piano and organ on "Ornithopters" Cover Art "War of Currents" Hazel Lee Santino oil on canvas, 31 cm x 31 cm

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