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From Boy Gorilla and Beyond by TYPHOON

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About From Boy Gorilla and Beyond

"A Diverse Multitude of Audio/Visual Goodness" 45 Tracks of Previously Released and Unreleased Material. Full Album Download Includes the Following: "Typhoon" (2005) originally released by Boy Gorilla Records So Passes Away the Glory of the World* Rolling Credits The Still Life of Job Halfway Home Cigarettes / Orchids for a Wake Death was a Driver Sea Shanty Bryce's Song Only You Can Save Me Lullaby The Wendigo The Lights Go Out "June 2006 Tour EP" Modern Prometheus Phaser A Year Before the Future Rolling Credits (Mutant Version)* "Dearborn Sessions EP" (2007) originally released by Boy Gorilla Records Sea Shanty II Underwater Gypsy Song* Mill City Take Out Memory "LAKE/TYPHOON SPLIT" [Note: Only Typhoon Tracks Included] A 7" record originally released by Boy Gorilla Records Shallows The Rate at Which Life Depreciates* "White Lighter Rarities" Heavy Betty Impotent Rage Banjolelelele Brithday for Mother For the Folks at Home Affliction Green Unconditional* Crumbs Buckets of Rain "Film Score" Scene 1* Scene 2 Scene 3 (Advent Redux) Scene 4 Scene 5 (Firewood Redux) Misc Bonus Tracks Ce Le Piston / I Don't Hate You (Live @ Jordan's Grandparents House: August 2007)* Cantique de Noel from "Another Grey Christmas" Car Commercial Music Holy Night from "A PDXMAS" X Mas Song from "A PDXMAS" Chug a Mug a Milk a Meal Includes Access to Bonus Video Footage & Photos from Neighborhood Films.

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